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E-commerce means that a transaction takes place in the digital world. An online business should be treated in the same way as an offline business. 

Why do you need a website? The internet is filled with thousands of websites, but only a few are profitable and really making money. Not everybody has the know- how to make a website and neither do they have the time.  You starting a complete business that cost you money and that means that you have to treat it as a business.  Just as you employ people to work in your business, you pay people to work on your online business. It is possible to earn ten times more with an online business than with a brick and mortar business.  With an online business you don’t need premises or a high level of stock but nothing stops you having both. And you don’t have to be a technical expert to maintain an active website,.

A website opens your business to a potential huge worldwide customer to sell to and you can be up and running within a few days.


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Our website company was started in 2005 with our Head Office based in Cape Town with 12 fulltime employees and with web designers and agents all over South Africa, Australia, Namibia and Botswana with more business opportunities available to interested parties. We partnered with one of South Africa’s biggest most reliable IT companies to bring you the best. From our people to our people.

Ons praat Afrikaans en jy is welkom om met ons te kommunikeer in Afrikaans. Ons webwerf maatskappy was begin in 2005 met die hoofkantoor in Kaapstad en webontwerpers regoor Suid Afrika, Australia en Namibia. Ons werk saam met n Suid Afrikaanse nasionale maatskappy om jou te verseker van die beste diens moontlik. 


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